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Olister’s Napoleon
Room Bingo

Can anyone play bingo?
All the bingo sessions are open to the public. We do have an age limit of 13 years and older. All minors must be accompanied by a guardian. You must bring some form of picture ID. In the event you win the $1,000.00, you will need to show proof of identification.

Are the bingo pots paid in cash?
All the pots including the $1000.00 blackout are paid in cash, except the Mega Progressive Jackpot. That money is paid the following day by check.

Do you offer check cashing?
The non-profit organizations will cash checks with proper identification up to a certain amount, usually under $100.00. We do have an ATM machine in the hall.

Is today’s bingo still easy to play?
It’s the same old game, mark the number called on each of your bingo cards but with some new twists. The game patterns for each sheet are displayed on the bingo boards and circulars. Just dab the paper bingo sheets with an ink marker and when the pattern is marked on a bingo card, holler bingo real loud.

What is speed bingo?
Our daytime and 11pm bingo games are considered speed bingo. We call a ball about every 6 seconds. It’s not too fast but it is “up-beat.” The speed bingo session lasts about an hour. At the 8pm bingo game we call a ball about every 12 seconds and repeat the called ball twice. Don’t buy too many cards the first time you try to play speed bingo!

What are paper pull-tabs and breakopens?
It’s a sealed ticket that you peel open to reveal a combination of symbols. Winning combinations are displayed on the back of the ticket. These paper “slot-machines” sell for 25 cents, 50 cents and a dollar with the top payout about $250.00. They’re sold throughout the bingo session by workers walking around the hall. We also sell paper tickets called seal-tabs with the winner determined by the bingo balls called or punch boards.

Can you see the bingo balls that are called?
At the Napoleon Room we have color TV monitors and cameras that display the bingo ball in the machine before the caller touches it. With 8 monitors around the room, everyone can see the next ball before it’s touched and called. But remember, no bingo ball is official until the caller calls it.

Do you have a no smoking section?
About one third on the hall is a no smoking area with the tables clearly marked. We also have a great hepa filter smoking elimination system throughout the hall.

Is there a dress code?
We do require that everyone be properly dressed; no tank tops or gym shorts are allowed.

Do you serve alcohol?
We offer beer, wine, cocktails and frozen drinks.